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Stübben's legendary quality and durability have made our used saddles a hot commodity for many years now. We are proud to offer these quality used saddles to you today. Many are saddles that have been used as demo saddles by our reps. Others are older or discontinued models. No matter how they got into these lists, they all offer the quality and craftsmanship that is the signature of a Stübben saddle. Sorry, but at these prices, all saddle sales are final. There are no trials or exchanges, and we cannot guarantee shipping delivery as your future saddle could be anywhere in the U.S. with our saddle fitting team.

The Jumping Saddles section (the middle button below) also includes close contact and equitation saddles. The All Purpose Saddles section (the right button below) also includes pleasure riding and endurance saddles. If you're not sure where to look, give us a call at 800-550-1110 and we'll help you. Thanks for looking.