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1085 Crank Caveson

Stübben’s crank caveson comes with a single roller buckle which tightens the chinstrap from both sides, providing equal pressure all around. The wide, thickly padded noseband and chinstrap are provided to allow for smooth, even tightening without harming the horse. All of these features provide for easier guiding and control. Choice of french or combined caveson. 1 3/4” (44mm) caveson. MSRP: French - $198 French XL - $218 Combined - $222 Combined XL - $244

Sizes : Cob, Full, Extra Large

Colors : Black or Ebony

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2095 Caveson

Figure 8 caveson with sheepskin padding and anthracite buckles which attach on both sides. Available with or without white fancy stitching. Fits bridles 2007 (with fancy stitching), 2008, and 2009.

Colors : Ebony, Tobac

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1096 Caveson

This figure 8 caveson attachment to our 2004, 2005, or 2006 series bridles lets you change up your look even more. With sheepskin padding and double end buckles to attach to our bridle with ease. Available with matched stitching or white fancy stitching.

Sizes : Cob, Full

Colors : Ebony, Tobac

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1040 Padded Crown Piece

Converts any bridle to a padded crown bridle simply by sliding onto the crown.

Colors : Black, Ebony