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Aramis II

Aramis II

The Aramis II is captivating with its reserved elegance and emphasizes the beauty of the horse. It owes it’s slender appearance to the narrow flap and the absence of superfluous material.

As standard, it has a seamless seat, which means that the leather of the saddle seat is free of any interruptions and promises particularly comfortable riding pleasure. A large part of the unique sitting comfort of the Aramis II is due to the new knee pads. These are particularly elegant around the high and short blocks, allowing the knees to lie freely. Since the saddle nestles up perfectly to the horse and rider right from the start, it does not take long to break in and is immediately ready for demanding dressage exercises. The Aramis II is predestined for the large arena as well as for ambitious dressage hobby riders

Starting at $4,975.


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