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Riders who like D Serenity

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D Genesis Special

The Genesis Special is designed to give the rider the closest feel to the horses center of motion.  It comes standard with four short billets, flap strap, no block, and a biomex seat.
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D Genesis

Our popular dressage model features an extra deep seat, unique detailing to the back of the seat, and hinged knee rolls that lay flat against the horse’s side when the saddle is girthed.
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D Genesis CL

From the “family” Genesis comes another offspring that is sure to please. The Genesis CL has security incorporated into the flap with its dual density, high wide block. Built on a 1?2 panel design, this “close contact” dressage saddle shares all the features given to the Genesis dressage saddle line with the added bonus of peace of mind.
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D Aramis

The Aramis is based on a saddle tree which is preconditioned for a deep and comfortable seat and thus offers proximity to the horse and facilitates the precise positioning of aids. Saddle flap and panel have a comparatively generous forward cut. This makes Aramis particularly suitable for riders whose upper thigh is proportionally longer than their lower leg. The standard medium elongated knee roll type offers sufficient support, even with horses with big movements. The knee roll can of course be modified on request and at a surcharge.
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D 1894

Stübben has combined it's top quality craftsmanship with its best price yet.  The 1894, retailing at $1995, comes standard with a special deluxe leather, narrow twist tree, a stabilizing billet system and gusset panels.  Special features include patent leather accents, larger channel space, and a special soft seat.  Available only in a 17", 17.5", and 18" seat sizes and 27cm to XW tree.
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D Euphoria

The Euphoria features panels that are cut back for additional shoulder clearance allowing optimal movement and length of stride.  An extra wide channel provides excellent clearance for the horse's spine.  The special V billets ensure ideal distribution of pressure when the saddle is girthed.  It has a softer seat with a slightly longer seat area, extra narrow twist, and a uniquely designed pommel for a less intrusive ride.  The stirrup leather loops and cantle can be discretely set with black or clear Swarovski crystals which give the Euphoria it's particularly elegant appearance.