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Fancy Stitched Straight Leather Bling

Fancy Stitched Straight Leather Bling


This “Bling” is perfect for the hunter ring! Once clicked into the Loops it looks just like a normal leather browband.
If you’re not showing you can easily exchange it to Swarovski Crystals or something else that’s a bit more striking.
Each Bling is the same length and fits into every Loop.
**Not compatible with the old MagicTack browband and inlay options or bridles**

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Change the look of your bridle in seconds!
The MagicTack Click System allows you to easily snap a new browband insert, the BLING into a magnetic clasp, the LOOP.
Just replace your existing browband with the MagicTack LOOP and your browband choices are endless.

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Black, Ebony

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