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Hybrid Cross Country Boots Front

Hybrid Cross Country Boots Front


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The Hybrid Cross Country boots offers the perfect blend of hard shell protection with soft shell flexibility. Crafted with a triple-layered design, these boots ensure comprehensive protection for your horse’s legs. The molded outer shell provides sturdy defense, while the shock-absorbing middle layer, featuring advanced XRD foam, effectively mitigates up to 90% of impact shock upon collision. This innovative material remains pliable yet instantly locks upon impact, delivering unparalleled safeguarding.

Engineered with an anatomically precise fit, these boots contour seamlessly to your horse’s legs. Plus, they’re crafted without Neoprene, making them ideal for equines with heightened sensitivity. The interior lining, perforated throughout, promotes continuous airflow and prevents water retention, ensuring comfort and breathability in any condition.

Sizing: Medium (Up to 15.3 hands & Large 15.3 hands+)


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Medium, Large

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