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Leitrim Bridle

Leitrim Bridle


Made of full grain bridle leather of prime quality, the Leitrim boasts a softly padded headstall with an integrated throatlatch and straps for buckling on the noseband. The actual headstall is running above and along the padding to avoid chaffing. This snaffle bridle with its silver-colored fittings looks truly sophisticated and elegant. Comes standard with Stübben’s innovative removable flash system.
Headstall: 26mm wide
Cheeks: 16mm wide
Throat latch: 13mm wide
*Options available upon request*
Black/Patent & Tobac colors
Dropped or crank noseband/caveson
Weymouth bridle option with a special dressage noseband

Click here to see a video on how to measure for the correct bridle size.

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Size guide

Pony:                                             Cob:                                                  Full:                                              XL:
Browband–15.5”                         Browband – 16.5″                          Browband-17.5″                       Browband-18″
Noseband–22.5”–25.5”               Noseband -24″-27”                       Noseband-26.5″-29.5”              Noseband-28”-31”
Cheekpiece–8.5”-13”                  Cheekpiece -9.5″-14.5″                 Cheekpiece-10″-14.5”               Cheekpiece-11”-15.5”
Flash–19”–24.5”                           Flash-19”-24.5”                               Flash-21.5″-26.5″                      Flash-21.5”-26.5”
Crown–12”                                   Crown-13”                                       Crown-14″                                  Crown-14″
Throatlatch-22.5”-30.5”             Throatlatch-22.5”-30.5″                 Throatlatch-22.5”-30.5”            Throatlatch-24″-32”

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Black, Ebony, Redwood


Pony, Cob, Full, XL


Removable Flash, Figure 8