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Velcro Saddle Component

Velcro Saddle Component


If the cushion channel is too narrow, the saddle component can simply be shortened using scissors.

Due to the thin profile, there is no unevenness so the fit of the saddle is not affected either.

Important, the saddle component must be placed so that the velcro band is visible.

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TPV Semi-Flexbible plastic saddle component.

Easily inserts in the underside gullet of most saddles in the cavity between the tree and seat. Raised extrusions on the locating arms position and hold the velcro positioned centrally and as near to the rear of the saddle as possible.

Dual function and easy to cut to size, the component has two separate patterns making the part compliant with narrow and wide gullet saddles, close contact, and dressage styles.

Once inserted, it can be permanently left in position ready to receive the corresponding velcro attachment on the 3Spine Carbon Fiber spine achieving the innovative pressure free results.

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