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Hoof Balm 1L

Hoof Balm 1L


This high-quality Hoof Balm regenerates, protects and strengthens the hoof. It’s nourishing essential oils particularly care for affected and damaged problem hooves. The warmth of the hoof softens the balm so it can be absorbed and provides ideal care for the hoof with a long-lasting shine. The capillaries will not become clogged allowing the hoof to breathe.

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Apply daily to the sole of the hoof, frog and walls up to 0.4″ below the coronary band with a brush.

  • Promotion of horn growth
  • Regeneration of brittle and cracked hooves
  • Strengthens loose hoof walls
  • Prevention of hoof cracks and susceptibility to thrush
  • Ingredients: vegetable oils, special essential oils, petroleum jelly, waxes and provitamin B5.

This intensely nourishing hoof balm was developed together with the expert master-farrier Gustav Optenplatz from Germany.

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