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Hoof Oil 400 ml

Hoof Oil 400 ml


Our hoof oil, made with high-quality care substances, is ideal for the daily quick care of the sole, frog, and outer walls of the hoof. The breathable film doesn’t clog the capillaries and provides a long-lasting shine. This intensely nourishing hoof oil features a plant-based recipe with specifically selected high-quality oils for an all-round care. It is designed to regenerate dry and brittle hoof horns while keeping the hoof healthy and supple. It is very easy to apply due to the specially adjusted viscosity.


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Application: apply daily to sole, frog and outer walls up to 0.4″ below the coronary band with a brush. May produce an allergic reaction.
Ingredients: vegetable oils, essential oils.
Developed with the expert master-farrier Gustav Optenplatz from Germany.

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