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Slow Twist D-Ring

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Slow Twist D-Ring


A single broken snaffle with a slow twist to emphasize pressure on the tongue and bars. (more info below)

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  • Acts on lips, tongue, bars, and palate.
  • Specific shape of D-rings bear on the outside of the mouth as gentle correction to resistance of the direct rein.
  • Cheeks of the D-rings stabilize bit in horse’s mouth.
  • D-rings minimize pinching of lips and corners of mouth.
  • Slow twist increases emphasis of pressure on the tongue.
  • ** 5 3/4″ available upon request **

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Association Approvals:

Eventing: FEI, USEF, USEA
Jumping: FEI, USEF, USEA

These approvals are the best information we have at this time, but correctness standards are ever evolving. Competitors are reminded that they are responsible for the correctness of their tack. If a rider is unsure of the correctness of any tack, it is the rider’s responsibility to confirm their equipment with the steward or technical delegate.

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5", 5 1/4", 5 1/2", 5 3/4"

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