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Pro-Jump Breastplate

Pro-Jump Breastplate


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The 3-Point breastplate Pro-Jump features a premium design, is super easy to fit and to adjust:
When put over the horse’s neck, only the snap hooks need be attached to the D-Rings and reins. Our Pro-Jump breastplate can be used with all kind of saddles and equipment which is why there is more than one way to attach it to your saddle girth.

The center piece can be swiftly adjusted to fit any common equipment:
Our Pro-Jump breastplate can be attached to the saddle girth using the snap hook as well as the loop. Hence, it is compatible with all common girths. To offer maximum safety and comfort while fitting the breastplate all adjustments can be done either standing in front or next to the horse. The smart adjustment system allows us to fit more types of horses than ever before.

The all-new Pro-Jump breastplate is designed to perfectly fit your horse:
With the attachment to the D-Rings and using elastic components on the side straps, the Pro-Jump breastplate allows for maximum freedom of shoulder movement while keeping the saddle in place. Soft paddings help to release pressure from the most sensitive touch points.

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